Projects vs. Pinot

Day 172 I used to be a really crafty, creative projects person. Painting, sewing, upholstery, jewelry making, appliqué, photography, and geeky organizational things, etc. And then I let the fog of Pinot Noir inertia settle over and sap the goodness out of me. Once the first glass was poured I never felt the energy or … Continue reading Projects vs. Pinot

How’s this for judgemental?

Day 171. Just had to share this story with you fellow funny, fizzy and terrific soberistas! I feel ready to date again. So I have re-entered the world of online dating websites. Today I had an exchange with someone that just blew me away in their judgemental and highly stereotyped message. We had exchanged a … Continue reading How’s this for judgemental?

Be your own cornerman …

Day 170 "If you’ve ever watched a professional boxing or mixed martial arts fight, you might have noticed the fighters’ respective cornermen shouting instructions and encouragement to the athletes, especially when they get into trouble. When we experience pain, we need to be our own “cornermen.” We need to learn to talk ourselves down from … Continue reading Be your own cornerman …

What others say

Day 161. I don't remember how the conversation came up, but someone at work mentioned another co-worker to me, saying they have been told this person 'really lets loose' when they drink. A senior exec apparently had commented on their drinking as well. Of course I went there .... had I ever been that ‘co-worker’ … Continue reading What others say

Did you know they kicked booze?

Day 158. I found this interesting to watch - perhaps the rotation is a little too fast, because each person here has an interesting quote about their precious sobriety. I like these positive role models - who happen to be very successful in show business. Some are surprise soberistas - some have hard-earned sobriety from … Continue reading Did you know they kicked booze?