The smell of gargle off of ye!

Day 223. That’s the Irish way of saying the smell of drink off of you! A tiny odd moment. In my gym class today — the instructor didn't participate, as they usually do, instead giving instructions from the top of the room, and nursing a coffee. Humm, not a problem, I thought, but odd. Then when … Continue reading The smell of gargle off of ye!

Do you treat yourself with compassion?

Day 222. For a guy I've never met, he sure inspires me - and lifts me to new heights of awareness of self and the world around us. That guy is Dr. Glenn Doyle.  If you're on Facebook, I highly recommend following him. Yesterday Dr. Doyle wrote how about how essential it is to be … Continue reading Do you treat yourself with compassion?

A better selection of drinks would be nice

Day 217. I told you all about my first sober business conference. What struck me is the abysmal choice of non-alcoholic beverages on offer for the after-conference evenings. This event was held at a massive stateside Sheraton, a worldwide chain. And yet the choices were excruciatingly average and boring: water, club soda (go crazy with … Continue reading A better selection of drinks would be nice

Attending conferences sober

Day 211. I have attended many business conferences over the last fifteen years. Today is the first one I've been to since choosing sobriety. There are a few differences in attending one sober  - some small, some big. No cocktails the night before. I used to start drinking on the flight to the conference -  … Continue reading Attending conferences sober

TMI without wine … not easy

Day 206. "TMI: An expression indicating that someone has revealed information that is too personal and made the listener or reader uncomfortable."       Source: Wikipedia I'm visiting my with-it healthy 90+ dad. Hard of hearing - but we deal with that through repetition in conversation. LOL. He seems to be in the phase … Continue reading TMI without wine … not easy