Why you don’t want to relapse

Day 567. Another reason to preserve your sobriety. In this article -- Alcohol Induced Brain Damage Continues During Early Abstinence, it lays out that even six weeks after drinking cessation, a neuroimaging study found there are still changes in the white matter of the brain. In some areas of your health, it takes up to six … Continue reading Why you don’t want to relapse

There is no rewind

Day 560. "There is no rewind, there is only the next decision." --Dr. Glenn Doyle In Dr. Glenn's very, very, very relevant (to me, anyway) post he covers the idea of moving on from ruminating, from regret, from the anger and the bitterness one feels over things that happened - or how they turned out. … Continue reading There is no rewind

The long and winding road

Day 543. I'll tell you a little secret. Sometimes I find an image so compelling or enchanting I build a post around it - rather than the other way around. The image in this post was taken in Kyoto, Japan -- featuring the famous Statue Stairs. To see so many statues of monks gathered in … Continue reading The long and winding road

Stuff does not fill gaps

Day 540. Revelations happen when you least expect them. After the break up of this most recent relationship, I collapsed into a very small space provided by a good friend. The perfect space for my recovery. I had lost a lot - mentally, physically and financially. Here, I was surrounded by solitude and nature - … Continue reading Stuff does not fill gaps

What were you born to do?

Day 535. A pretty funny one I came across. How were you born? To walk this way? To be alive? To be wild? To run? To boogie? (I'd add #6 'under a bad sign' 🙂  ) Hope this made you smile, but also perhaps sent electrical currents through your brain: asking yourself how were YOU … Continue reading What were you born to do?


  Day 534. "They say that courage is fear that has said its prayers."                     --Anne Lamott Fear is a feeling I know well. I have a Masters in Worry, Fret & Fear in the 20th & 21st Centuries. And for a long spell I didn't … Continue reading Courage

Old friends …

Day 533. "Old friends, old friends, Sat on their park bench like bookends A newspaper blown through the grass Falls on the round toes of the high shoes of the old friends"        --Paul Simon Just a shout out to my long time friends. People I've known since elementary school. (And that is … Continue reading Old friends …