To the moon, Alice …

Day 467. "You're either fuelling disease or feeding health" --- Marco Borges, author Greenprint For Your Best Self & A Better World I'm listening to podcasts. I finally get why people enjoy them so much.  You can listen anywhere, any time. It's my personally programmed radio station. I just finished listening to Rich Roll interview … Continue reading To the moon, Alice …

Formula for success

Day 465. I'm currently deep diving into a pool of great minds in the fields of substance abuse, addiction, mindfulness, healthy lifestyles, and food as medicine. With all this information swirling in my head, I began thinking about my personal formula for success in sobriety. First, I needed to identify my formula for NON success in … Continue reading Formula for success

Memo to self: No, it’s not glamorous

Day 462. While I think about sobriety from a mental well-being aspect, it is also pretty sobering to be reminded how BAD alcohol is for your overall health. I mean shockingly bad. When drinking I told myself little fairy tales such as - a bottle a day wasn't bad at all!  I focused on the … Continue reading Memo to self: No, it’s not glamorous

Ikigai … a sense of purpose

Day 460. "Motivation is fleeting. Inspiration is transient. But purpose is fuel that sustains. Gets you through the hard, dark moments when giving up feels like the only option. Inside all of us is a latent Ikigai (sense of passion and purpose). And everyone is visited with pivotal moments that fire up that latent Ikigai. … Continue reading Ikigai … a sense of purpose

Being at Home in Ourselves

Day 458. This article in Brain Pickings articulated some of the glimmers of feelings I've been having lately. Isn't it fascinating how things pop up in your life at the right time? What I'm learning in this not-newly-minted-but-still-pretty-new sobriety is the feeling of  welcoming myself home to me. Meeting, accepting and loving the real me. No … Continue reading Being at Home in Ourselves

Drink as a reward

Day 457. I'm working with a guest speaker at the moment to design and present a talk about crisis management in business. During the practice session he said don't forget to have a 'well deserved' drink after managing a crisis. A reward of an adult beverage really is embedded in our culture. Got through a … Continue reading Drink as a reward

And, no hiding from yourself!

Day 456. Two days ago I posted how thankful I am that I'm not a celeb. Then, based on comments from you all, I realized that small towns - and close-knit communities -- can be unrelenting as well in tut-tutting a drink/addiction problem. Here are my last thoughts on all this: Wherever you go, there you … Continue reading And, no hiding from yourself!