It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Day 596.

It is SOOO easy to sort out other people’s problems. I’ve been trying to stay very aware of this and not get into other people’s business; instead focusing on what **I** should be doing.

But when it comes to siblings, I fudge a little. I feel I can tell my ‘baby’ sister what to do! Why stop a lifetime of bossing my sisters around now? LOL

She keeps talking about ‘when this situation is over’, ‘or when I get ___ done’, then I’ll be able to live again. She has put her entire life on hold while she tries to sort out a few areas in her life. She is in a circular trap of one thing is blocking another thing (when in reality it is not). Instead of tackling one – she freezes and does nothing. It is so frustrating to listen to her. She also keeps telling me she’s now too old to start over.

The clock is ticking my darling sister, and you can’t get time back. Just do something and remove blockers.

I just sent this to her. It is NOT too late to start, and you are NOT too old.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 03.01.25

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