Baby, I’m a rocker

Day 574.

“Now don’t you call James Bond or Secret Agent Man 
Cause they can’t do it, like I can 
I’m a rocker, baby, I’m a rocker …

Rock ‘n roll is a savior for many – it certainly is for me, and an important part of the fabric of my life. You’ve probably guessed this by my song choices.  Music has articulated my feelings and desires so many times over the years – salved heartache,  and it’s often started the party – and lifted my spirits.

I’m a rocker, baby …

When I hear this song – I can’t sit still  – I want to jump up and run around, and shake it all about. I dance around the house and forget my woes – I just shake what my mama gave me … (and also think of the many, many Bruce concerts I’ve been to over the years – what a guy, what a show).

Not a vital blog post today – just reminding myself there is always a simple joy to be found in life.

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