Why you don’t want to relapse

Day 567.

Another reason to preserve your sobriety.

In this article — Alcohol Induced Brain Damage Continues During Early Abstinence, it lays out that even six weeks after drinking cessation, a neuroimaging study found there are still changes in the white matter of the brain. In some areas of your health, it takes up to six months to fully recover.

If I relapse, and then I once again choose sobriety, I will have start all over again with the healing of my body & mind. Do I really want that? Drink, and I am dialling back to zero and destroying everything I worked so hard for. My body and mind will have to again recover — my brain, the neurons, the grey matter, my physical and mental health, my cognitive functions, my liver and heart. This destructive cycle can not be good for me – and I could be inviting permanent damage to my health.

No, not me thanks, and I find this knowledge helps a lot in keeping my hand away from the wine glass.

Carry on with your sobriety!

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