There is no rewind

Day 560.

“There is no rewind, there is only the next decision.”
–Dr. Glenn Doyle

In Dr. Glenn’s very, very, very relevant (to me, anyway) post he covers the idea of moving on from ruminating, from regret, from the anger and the bitterness one feels over things that happened – or how they turned out. It’s so easy to get stuck. So easy to wish fervently that you could go back in time – and choose a different action or path.

“There is no rewind button on life.
I wish there was. There isn’t.
No amount of anger, no amount of regret, no amount of resentment, no amount of fixation will allow me to go back and un-make certain decisions.
To go back and say something different. To go back and make other choices. 

All I can do is what I can do— move forward.
Remind myself— consistently and relentlessly— about the life I am committed to living today.
About the goals and values that demand my attention today.
About the people who depend on me today. 

Today— that’s what I can affect.
Not yesterday. Not five or ten years ago.
We can never have a better past. 

The future, one day, one decision at a time…that’s what we have. 

That’s what I have. 

That’s what we need to embrace.” 

Here’s the whole post


A song about seasons, circles, growing old and growing young …

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