Are you in, or are you out?

Day 532.

“Don’t be a spectator when you can be the show” — I started thinking about that concept.

In looking back at my drinking self, I realized wine was keeping me on the sideline of my life. I stopped attending events, or going out in the evening — or doing anything spontaneous. I didn’t want anything interfering with my ‘wine time’, truth be told. I was watching everything in my life from the sidelines. Shutting the door to the outside world at wine o’clock. Quietly letting my life slip by bottle by bottle.

Now in my sobriety, I realize I have not broken the habit of hiding away. I am still not getting back to being fully present in my life. I certainly don’t bring my A game to my own life!  I still say no to social events way too often, or say yes, and then decide on the day not to go out — and not making the effort to get out there.

It’s a really bad habit left over, I feel, from my wino days. It does not serve me well. Get out there girl, get in your game!!!!! Have some fun! Socialize. Life slips by fast. Life is not a spectator sport.

Love the sound of the crack of the bat in this song…



Bonus track…

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