The hard way every time…

Day 529.

“…in looking back at the lessons I’ve learned
And the mountains I wanted to climb
I just look at myself to find
I’ve learned the hard way ev’ry time …….

‘Cause I’ve had my share of broken dreams
And more than a couple of falls
And in chasin’ what I thought were moonbeams
I have run into a couple of walls
But in looking back at the faces I’ve been
I would sure be the first one to say 
When I look at myself today
Wouldn’ta done it any other way
— Jim Croce

I’ve been thinking about how I’ve made things more difficult for myself  … especially in my younger days. I chose the hard way every time. And I learned the hard way every time.

Perhaps in recent years it’s why I soaked my regrets in vino. Not much value in that. Now, in sobriety I can see more clearly. It seems better to just accept the hard ways, the terrible ways I chose. I can now say to myself — that’s the way you did it, and there’s no going back.

But let’s not do it the hard way again, okay? Thanks, me 🙂

2 thoughts on “The hard way every time…

  1. Simply beautiful post…and wise. Feeling like “It’s A Hardknock Life” (from the musical ‘Annie’)…and attempting to drown or “soak..regrets in vino”…never very effective or truth-revealing. I can only imagine the strength and resilience you acquired and allowed…to be able to acknowledge the difficult choices…accepting it as part of your personal history…moving on with lessons learned. You are the lighthouse of recovery…Keep it coming, I egotistically ask of you! Clap-clap.

    P.S. Always loved Jim Croce when I was young…and did not realise he had spent not enough time on the planet.

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    1. oh you give me far too much credit. my posts are aspirational! LOL… Jim was only 30!! died in a plane crash while on tour. very very sad. I am mad into bluegrass… and this song came back on my radar from this new version of the song. i chose Jim’s way for the post, but if you are at all a fan of banjo, you’ll like this (if you aren’t, i understand LOL):


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