The Sweetest Thing

Day 527.

Prior to five hundred and twenty-seven days ago I was either in an alcoholic haze from drinking or a haze of suffering the after effects of drinking.

Now that I’m not in an alcoholic haze of some type  I no longer miss those tiny moments of beauty around me.

Today I saw the sweetest things.

I saw a young severely handicapped girl in a wheelchair – the lady with her, family or a carer I don’t know, was enveloping this girl in a massive hug and the two of them were just laughing with pure love and joy.

I saw a family — that included a young girl who looked to be either a foreign exchange student or adopted — walking together through the streets arm in arm, full of life and joy and love.

The sweetest moments are everywhere, if you take the time to notice them, and let yourself feel the reflected love …. it’s contagious.

2 thoughts on “The Sweetest Thing

  1. Just a note to circle back on this past post. Thank you for this…I have thought of this post nearly everyday since you shared it. I notice more beauty and kindness and pay attention to actually stop and enjoy these things as I see them. People helping others, a genuine smile, small gestures of courtesy, a bird in a feeder (as I’m stuck in traffic), and here’s a favorite…the sun shining down on a small Maine lobster boat as the lobsterman drops morning traps – these things I get to see everyday and have become oblivious to them. Thank you for the reminder to see life as it happens, and let the light shine in! 😋

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