My life was a Pupu platter mess

Day 525.

“At first I struggled to feel “drunk enough” to belong at AA … as a rule-follower, I found a sponsor and asked her if I was in the right meetings. She diagnosed me with “a Pupu platter of addictions”— not  addictions’— not too much of any one thing, but enough of each one to be concerned. Her advice was to quit drinking, quit smoking, quit emotional eating, and quit trying to control and manage my family’s crises. Awesome. On it.
— Brené Brown, What Being Sober Has Meant To Me

Oh that awesome Brené Brown! She is so darn quotable. Brené is celebrating twenty-frickin’-three years sober!  I’m in awe. I’m such a Fan Girl of Ms. Brown!

Her post about sobriety is terrific; the quote I pulled out above made me say Yep – THAT’S ME TOO!  I needed to take a look at my own Hawaiian Pupu platter of issues. I needed to address all my issues – all together. And so I am. I needed to quit drinking, which I did. Thankfully I never smoked. I needed to really, actually address a life-long issue of emotional eating. I needed to get and stay healthy and active through food and exercise. And boy do I have control and manage issues. (Which, by the way, is awesome when you are a publicist, but not so awesome for personal life.)

Each of us has a woven fabric of issues, interconnected in a way unique to us. And in this tackling of the entire Pupu platter, you must also get into the nitty gritty of WHY you do all these things that aren’t healthy for body and soul.

And that is what I’ve found sobriety to be about. You can’t just stop drinking and that will be the end of your problems. It’s all a work-in-progress sifting through issues, and embracing change.

6 thoughts on “My life was a Pupu platter mess

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Brené’s post here!!! I did not know she was a sober queen! And I am a huge fan-girl of her work too! And yes I too could relate exactly to her addiction story. Thanks again. xoxo

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