Drowning your sorrows …

Day 516.

“If you know someone who tries to drown their sorrows,
you might tell them sorrows know how to swim.”

~H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Not sure what made me think of this. Is numbing the same as drowning? I was most often numbing myself when drinking over the years. To be anywhere but where I was. Sometimes it was to be the mostest party girl ever. Often I used it as a ‘gateway drug’ to throw pity parties for myself, to reminisce and ruminate.

I’d say in the final stages, these last couple years – before finally setting down the glass, I was using booze to drown ME. Stuff ME down. 

But you can’t outrun problems. In the end, it was better for me, my sanity and my health to confront the bad situation I was in. Done while I was still heavily drinking, but once on my own and I chose sobriety, my head cleared, my spirit cleared – and I began to like myself again.


I’m using the topic of drowning sorrows to share the most beautifully sorrowful expression ever of wishing someone loved you as much as you loved them….






(Image: “Mother Nature in Tears” Norway: Photographer, Michael S. Nolan)

5 thoughts on “Drowning your sorrows …

  1. Beautifully written post and the drowning/numbing similarities. This was particularly difficult to read for me, because I believe that the ‘numbing’ was quite purposeful…to not ‘face’ the realities of a rapidly deteriorating marriage. The oh-so-appropriate accompaniment to this piece by Mr. Lofgren had me in tears I have not ‘allowed’ myself to feel (via the numbing with Bordeaux) for seemingly light years. You offer such lucid reflection and commentary. Your words give me the strength to ‘liking myself again’ in new sobriety. When worn down with verbal and emotional abuse…for years…ironic…isn’t it…that with drinking we are actually punishing ourselves for loving in a way that cannot, will not be reciprocated. Thank you for your continued wisdom!

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    1. the Lofgren song/rendition just kills me everytime. i love his jangly guitar sound too, and his voice. all of it. so happy you are finding yourself again. not easy, after abuse. which comes in many forms.


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