I’m at a loss …

Day 511.

See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world
—Lucinda Williams

I’ve received word that a mensch (yiddish for one of the good guys) has died. I knew him for many years – though we’d lost touch. He died ‘suddenly’ — which is society’s code word for suicide.

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 19.13.14

We were long-term acquaintances, rather than a deep friendship. I was always struck by his kindness and warmth. He was beloved by everyone –EVERYONE. He was highly regarded and respected. Stories of his thoughtfulness and generosity are legion. He was dedicated to improving the lives of the less fortunate through social causes he started or was involved in. He wanted to make the city he loved, Los Angeles, a better place for everyone.

He had a vast social network – everyone I knew seemed to know him. One degree of separation. He had an extraordinary depth of knowledge about music. He was passionate about his craft as a successful, scholarly music geek.

He seemed on top of the world. All that love for him. Doing work that he loved to do. And yet he was struggling within himself.

We can not know what others are going through. We. Can. Not. Know.

LA – and the world – took a big hit losing Gary. Bless you and rest in peace dear, sweet Gary Stewart.

P.S. The bench in the image at the top is a famous Los Angeles icon, now closed to public access. It is located on Angels Knoll/Bunker Hill.  The bench, and the view, were a key feature in the sweet movie ‘500 Days of Summer’…

P.S.2 Lucinda wrote this song about her brother’s suicide. I always cry when I listen to it.


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