One day at a time?

Day 510.

To count the sober days, or not count the sober days … that is the question.

A recent Sober Courage post asked people if they will always count the days of sobriety, or did they stop at some point – and at what point was that?

Answers were varied, some stopped at a year – and mark the time now per annum, others stopped at 30 days and never looked back. Author Magz herself doesn’t like to count days. Why? She says as a current ‘serial relapser’ (her phrase) she has to restart her count every single time, and finds that too hard to face re-setting the sober clock to ZERO days.

I certainly spent a bit of time thinking about it in the run up to a year sober back in January. I pondered both counting days and continuing to blog. I started my blog to write about 365 days of sobriety. I thought that would be it, done and dusted, no more thinking about drinking. At one year (January 1, 2019) I faced the dilemma – Should I Stay Or Should I Go? I decided to keep going with the counting the days AND the blogging. For me, it feels good to watch the soberness tally continuing to tally up. And I realize now, post-365 days, my sober challenges are definitely NOT over!

If I weren’t writing a blog, I’d continue to check my app – not feverishly like in the early days, but every couple of days. As a blogger, I hold myself to account publicly, because I’d HATE to post “Day 1” on a blog post at this point. The only thing I am pondering is shifting from “days” into ” _Year _Months _ Day”.

This I’m certain, I’ll never take my sobriety for granted. It’s My Precious.

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