Be More You …

Day 509.

“Can you see the real me?”
–Pete Townshend

This article on your authentic self got me thinking about how untethered from my authentic self I had become in the final haze of drinking. It was a toxic brew of wine and an abusive relationship  – though the booze is what kept me waaaay down and unable to rescue myself. To paraphrase the saying  — I was so low, down looked like up to me!

Today, as I get saner and more connected with my life and reality with each passing sober day, I think about how much I had lost touch with ME. I was so lost that I came to believe what was said about me.  I’d even started to believe that ‘I must really be a bad person. What a loser.’

Why it’s so important to be more you:

  • Living outside of yourself is exhausting. It will break you down.
  • You’ll take better care of yourself when you are more you.
  • You’ll give to the world in bigger and better ways because you have an authentic place to give from.
  • You’ll attract the right people for you. They can’t know you and love you until you do.
  • There will be more love.

4 thoughts on “Be More You …

  1. It does feel much more comfortable doesn’t it. It’s still challenging at day 97 swallowing reality, but its getting a bit easier and each time I make it through a calmness smiles from within. I’ve got quite a ways to go after 40 years of using alcohol to self medicate, but at 53 I’m finally willing to give me a chance.

    *Seen The Who a couple times in concert and Pete is just amazing! Saw them 3 years ago and it was just seeing him and Roger still rocking the shit out of it on stage in their 70s – keeping it Real🎸🎸🎸

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    1. i ADORE pete… i almost put up the Who song, and decided for the irish lads instead 🙂 … every day is a challenge.. but every day it feels that bit calmer, even during the quite-normal tough moments!!!!! we rockers gotta stick together!!!!

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