Dawn is a feeling …

Day 508.

People in the early throes of sobriety always mention the sheer joy of waking up fresh and without a hangover. And it is incredible.

Here’s another thing – getting up early and having a jump on the day before everyone else. I always was an early bird; though my hangovers over the last few years put paid to that reputation, and I had lost my ‘early bird edge’ bragging rights. Now it is so darn easy to be up at the crack of dawn and getting started with the day.

As I was driving through the city on my way to the gym this morning at 6am it was magic. First, I heard birds singing as I made my way to my car. Then, the glorious sun was just starting to rise. The golden light peeping over the houses, and cracking through the trees felt religious. The stillness was beautiful. The only movement on the streets were delivery vans unloading fresh baked goods. A few shopkeepers were hosing down the front of their stores in preparation for opening. Looking into the coffee shops I could see the coffee baristas starting their trade as the first of the caffeination requests were coming into them at the counter.

The day is just absolutely full of possibility. And I love it.

12 thoughts on “Dawn is a feeling …

  1. Love that, that’s what it’s all about for me, why I’ve quit before and why I am trying again now. I’ve just got to get to being sober every day! Thanks for the incentive!

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