The hilarity of liver damage …

Day 505.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 09.25.56I have a new-found sensitivity to how society normalizes over-drinking by making it all so jokey.

This advertisement popped up in my Facebook and illustrates my point. ‘Shut up liver, you’re fine’.

Now, I think I have a super duper sense of humor, but this screams out that we KNOW what alcohol does, but hey, file under ‘ironic’ — and it’s all okay.

I posted my thoughts about it in one of the ‘moderate drinkers’ group I joined for a minute, and I was taken to task for not having a sense of humor!  Ouch. (Guess they didn’t know I bought my brother an Irish t-shirt that said ‘If found return to pub.’ See, I can joke. But it was when I was drinking.)

I’ve written about this topic after a visit to a card shop. I couldn’t believe how many cards were ‘drink up’, ‘get drunk’, ‘Drink Mommy Juice’, and wink-wink at your old Wine Witch you old wench, you.

And have you noticed wine labels are now bumper stickers proudly stating your wine-lovin’ ways? They’re  positioning drinking as absolutely our right; and we’re talking wine-by-the-bottle. Catering to all: Mommies, All-The-Single-Ladies, Crazy-Cat-Ladies, Career-Ladies, Old-Ladies … I also covered the topic in this funny, sobering and inspirational booze quotes post.

I’m not saying stop yucking it up and remove all the joke merchandise from the shelves. I’m just saying I, in my sobriety, have a heightened awareness and am a little uncomfortable with advertisers promoting how absolutely normal it is to be blotto.

P.S. The movie still at the top is from the fabulous 1934 The Thin Man starring Myrna Loy and William Powell. Those two were ALWAYS drinking in their famous series. The frivolity on screen was to make audiences forget depression-era woes. No one could afford booze in those hard times.

‘Ol  Possum singing (with James) the Taylor-penned Bartender’s Blues…

14 thoughts on “The hilarity of liver damage …

  1. Mirrors, clocks, door mats, etc – the shops are full of ones with ‘Prosecco Time’, or ‘Home is Where the Gin Is’ and ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Wine Alone’- You’ve hit on something there!

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  2. I think this a lot, too. That moderate drinkers group sounds like a real peach (can a group be a peach?). (It sounds worse than nothing if a person is addressing alcohol dependence.) I see the gift store crap and it makes me very sad, because I know it’s subtly helping to change our culture and subtly giving new people every day permission to self-medicate with alcohol, and some of them are going to fall into a pit with it. A couple of months ago I actually responded to a Facebook thingie of those that my aunt, who I’m not close with, posted. It just pissed me off and I said something like “not funny” (but sharper) sort of expecting to be accused of not having a sense of humor. But (oh, here the story gets more interesting), I wasn’t, which I noticed but didn’t think anything of. But just now I went to see exactly what that memie thing said and …. she unfriended me! Wow. So there, that proves my point better. Now I’m wondering what I can do to push back more systematically against this “it’s wine-oclock somewhere” female culture, and probably make the sober blogosphere a good place is the best way.

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    1. Adrian, my niece is big into the mommy wine stuff. I know from her past life, before marriage and kids, she had all the red flags of addiction. I have been upfront about my recovery, but she’s not ready to see it in herself. Makes me so sad. She even does the mommy juice thing. Ugh.

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      1. Mommy Juice! crazy crazy… but they play it up for ‘old ladies’ like me too… like we just are cuttin’ loose, we’re crazy old ladies!!!! no harm at all, (and the health downside is massive)

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    2. wow a relative took the step of unfriending you for that little ‘transgression’ wow!!!! that is exactly what this messaging is doing though, absolutely making it normal to relax this way… no wonder i just went for it. i was a toxic blend ready to happen, unhappy, addictive personality, adverse to confronting,,, on and on…


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