We can be heroes …

Day 504.

We can be heroes just for one day
–David Bowie/Brian Eno

Every day, be your own hero … saving yourself from unhealthy choices, bad choices – life-destroying choices. Stop hangovers in their tracks! Kapow! Boom!

Be inspired by music … Have a special list on your favorite platform, Spotify – whatever, and compile songs that are so significant to you, that just listening to them sends you into a revery of inspiration, of hope – of uplift. Songs that pull you out of the doldrums … put you back on track – and remind you how amazing life is – and you feel glad to be alive.

This is so uplifting …  David Byrne — he of Talking Heads – with a crowd-sourced chorus  …. 

Here’s one that never fails to lift me up – hard to believe, but it was a huge pop hit in 1969. Obviously touched a lot of people around the world in the same way.

5 thoughts on “We can be heroes …

  1. You’re so right! Driving in the car with my favourite songs blasting away is replacing my former night club fun! Your inspirational suggestions are really great!

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