Staying the course …

#Day 500.

I’ve not touched alcohol in 1 year, 4 months, 15 days 

  1. I’ve passed on 5,000 glasses of wine
  2. I’ve saved €3,575 (US$4,008)
  3. I’ve avoided 500 hangovers
  4. I’ve lost my dangerous ‘wine belly’ (visceral fat/fatty liver)
  5. I’ve gotten rid of the alcohol-induced anxiety levels
  6. I’ve lost the red veins on my face – especially around my nose

I could wax lyrical some more… but I’ll just stop here and jump up and down and all around and think about what I’ve accomplished …

but …

staying on track has not been easy! Through the twists and turns, highs and lows of #JustForgetIt to #IGotThis … it has been a journey. And through this blog I have found some kindred souls out there; an essential part of my success. For those of you struggling – keep the faith – if I can do this, believe me, you definitely can do this!  Seriously! Drink has been a feature in my life for many, many decades. And yet, here I am, sober.

Thank you for reading my ramblings; for liking, for commenting – and for being sympatico. #TogetherWe’reBetter.



11 thoughts on “Staying the course …

  1. Félicitations!!!…Big Bravo for the 500 day major marker!! Could you have chosen two more enthralling musical selections with which to honour this victory?! LOVE your exquisite and eclectic taste in tunes!!

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    1. Thank you!!! for such a lovely comment. Music is a core part of who I am. One of the benefits of being an ‘oldie’ is having heard a lot of music over the years. I love these two songs, and yes, I guess they are eclectic together. but music is best that way, isn’t it? I love some Bach followed by the Beach Boys… music touches the soul.. and it does for you too, I think…


      1. The praise is so merited…on every possible level!…You are one hundred percent correct…music DOES touch my soul as well…and I enjoy Bach or Mozart followed by The Pogues, Elvis Costello or Gilberto Gil or Chet Baker! Such the pleasure to find sobriety mojo and strength through your creative, always stimulating posts!!

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