Jealous of the drinkers?

Day 492.

I love William Porter’s book, Alcohol Explained. I just devoured it in the early days, because it’s practical and matter of fact – and makes a compelling case for STOPPING the alcohol.

William is a sporadic blogger and webinar speaker – but his posts and appearances are always gold. And today’s post was no different. William looked at the envy those of us now-sober problem drinkers often feel when we go to events and watch others happily imbibing – or we think they are happily imbibing. I know I feel envy sometimes around the idea that I will never again congregate around the table drinking – and having a smashing, rollicking good time (in my head I think this).

“Envy is never good, but envying someone who is better off than you is understandable at least. But why would you envy someone worse off than you? Why would you envy someone is who is tired when you aren’t? Why would you envy someone who is only enjoying themselves as much as, and no more than, you? Particularly if their enjoyment is reliant on regular, expensive, doses of a drug? A drug that erodes their fitness and confidence, stops them sleeping properly, and makes them ill? What exactly is there to envy?” (post)


4 thoughts on “Jealous of the drinkers?

  1. Funny I just had that thought last night. Thinking about some old high school buddies and no longer being able to slam beers for hours and laugh at all our shenanigans. It is a mind frick for sure, but I indeed agree with William. Not going back…day 80 today. On another note I thought you’d appreciate this. So I’m a classic rock n roll guy, but yesterday morning I found myself humming Lion King: Can you feel the love tonight. Now that some bat shit crazy soberness going on there🤪

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