Day 490.

“I saw that you were perfect so I loved you. 
Then I saw that you were not really perfect and so I loved you more”
                –Angelita Lim

I was at the height of numbing myself with wine in this most recent relationship that was in full-catastrophe crash-burn mode. I was trying to drown out the chatter in my head. Chatter being reinforced by my then-partner that everything was all my fault because I was so un-perfect. He was perfect (in his view), and was ‘helpfully’ pointing out how most un-perfect I was.

From these ashes I arose and embraced sobriety. Now that I am sober I can spend time — once wasted on wine time — getting out of my own way and accepting that no, I’m not perfect. Instead I am perfectly un-perfect.

I now believe the right person for me, the right relationship — is one in which the other loves and accepts their own un-perfectness and loves and accepts me for my perfect un-perfectness.

We’re ALL a beautiful combination of perfect un-perfectness.


P.S. The artwork featured in the banner image is by an all-time favorite California artist of mine, Jessie Arms Botke. Her most prolific work was in 1920-1930s, and often featured birds, particularly white peacocks, geese and cockatoos. My sweet mother was volunteering at an animal rescue thrift shop in the late 70s. She saw this framed print of the Cockatoos in an Avocado Tree, and set it aside for me – knowing I’d love it. I have carried it with me through my life. Wherever I am, once I hang it up I am home.  It reminds me of my California roots, and also, now, of my late mother.

In case you don’t know who every one is in this iconic 21-year-old video

9 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. Beautiful! The BBC ad is really cool, thank you for sharing! 🎼🎼🎼 I love the ending, we sure do reap what we sow. My heart swells reading about your mom and the picture ❤️ And look at you…DAY 490!!! 💜🙌

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  2. Oh how I remember the mind games of my ex and also how they thought of themselves as perfect and everything that went wrong was my fault – Aholes making us feel that way! I love the un-perfectness, seriously I don’t know a single person that is perfect and for those that think they are life must be exhausting for them. XOX

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  3. Perfectly Un-perfect right here! ❤️ souls who embrace that. Omg on the video!!! I’m a big music lover and that was awesome. I had never came across that. Thank you 😎

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    1. isn’t it a sensational video? BBC produced it about 21-years ago. Sadly, a few of the icons in there are no longer with us… but it’s a power house of a cover of Lou’s song, and makes his perfect song even more perfect. right?


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