Unrenewable resources …

Day 477.

“As I grow older the more I realize time is THE big, precious, unrenewable resource”
–Brené Brown

In my Third Age I take more notice of the fragility of the world, and what we have … and the shortness of life.

In my Third Age I feel more intensely when I lose someone around me, and I find that it takes me longer to recover from heartaches and breakups. My fragility more magnified  now, perhaps I’m just more in touch with how very serious and real loss is. And how swiftly time marches.

I am not feeling maudlin – if it is coming across that way it’s not what I mean at all. I’m no longer a callow youth – squandering all the time in the world. Now, I am hyper-aware of how I use time. It’s not renewable! You can’t generate time.

The time spent drinking, and the time spent recovering, are not renewable resources. You can’t get those wasted (literally) hours back. They’re spent. You’re spent.

I need to use the rest of my time on this planet wisely.

The painting above is by an extraordinary artist I met in Taos, New Mexico. Ed Sandoval. Magical, mystical Taos is his base. Ed’s work is sublime; he captures vibrantly his beloved birthplace of New Mexico in every kind of light, and every season. The ‘old man’ is often featured in his paintings. The two people in the painting I chose seem to me to be ‘walking each other home’ — in the real sense and metaphorical sense. I wrote about Walking each other home here.

3 thoughts on “Unrenewable resources …

    1. Check out his other work. it is enchanting – he captures Taos and the surrounds in the most beautiful way. I dream of owning a painting – but he does make prints of his work available. Not inexpensive, but reasonable, and always good to support artists. He is quite a character too. rides through Taos on his steed, dressed up as Zorro. 🙂

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