Time on your hands

Day 475.

It occurs to me drinking takes a lot of time, money and energy:

  • Thinking –  either anticipating drinking, or trying to resist drinking.
  • Procuring – Ensuring you have access to drink, whether stocked in the house, or arranging to bring it along – or checking there will be plenty at your destination.
  • Financing – Not only the booze itself – but the whole not-drinking-and-driving thing. So, transportation costs to and from destinations.
  • Drinking – you know the drill
  • Recovering – regretting drinking, physically recovering, costs relating to hangovers, losing time to your hangovers

In switching your dedication from drinking to sobriety, you’ve gained back time, energy and money.  

How are you going to use these resources?

I’m finding it an interesting challenge.





7 thoughts on “Time on your hands

  1. Well financially it is still paying back the financial crap I got myself into because of my drinking. Time that would of been spent on drinking is now spent making a better life for myself and study to change career path. Energy is spent doing the last answer but I wouldn’t have the energy to even consider them if I was still drinking 🙂

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