Finding your tribe …

Day 474.

When you stumble upon an idea that just feels right to your core, it starts appearing everywhere you look. That’s how you know you are on the right track.

I now understand we humans need to be a part of tribes – it’s how we survive and thrive.

Eloquent confirmation: Blue Zones (The Power #9) — Dan Beuttner attributes health and longevity to tribes. Journalist Johann Hari (Humans need a tribe) attributes the increase in addiction and loneliness to the disappearance of tribes.

I now get why it is so important to join others along the path of sobriety. It’s a key part of how we not only get, but keep sober. We’re collaborative creatures – and we also take our cues from our tribes. I recall how my mother used to say ‘birds of a feather flock together’. You want to pick your tribes wisely. Your tribes should be a good influence, a loving influence – and a happy, encouraging influence.

Online sobriety tribes 

While nothing will ever beats in-person tribes (and you must have in-person tribes!), it is possible to feel part of a virtual community. I’m learning there is a tribe out there waiting for you, wherever you are on your sober journey.  It turns out there are plenty of virtual choices out there. The key is the right tribe.

A good start: Club Soda posted a useful article and webinar about getting the most out of joining an online community.

This is not a complete list!

Music? Of course! And it’s got to be Barbra!


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