Quit Lit

Day 470.

‘Quit Lit’  

Saw this phrase pop up a couple of times recently. Made me smile.

Thought I’d use it as an opportunity to share the ‘Quit Lit’ books that influenced me on my road to sobriety and beyond. I read, or tried to read, many more, but have only listed the ones that personally touched and motivated me. I end with the book that pushed me over the starting line.

In order:

  1. Meredith Bell, Seven Days Sober– I read this five years ago, when I was starting to think about my drinking. Just beginning to wonder if I had issues. The book planted the seeds that (eventually) blossomed into sobriety. Meredith’s approach is ‘Let’s try just seven days sober. Observe how you feel at the end of those seven days.’ A snack-size, baby steps approach to addressing the elephant in the room. The elephant that you’ve just begun to notice LOL Here’s her short promo video.
  2. Lotta Dann, Mrs. D Is Going Without – I love Mrs. D! I’ll always have a soft spot for her in my sober heart. At the time the book was published (2011) Lotta still hadn’t ‘come out’ as the author – but she’s jumped out from behind the book since then and claimed her kudos. (You can see what she’s up to today here.) While I didn’t stop drinking after reading her book, I know for certain it pushed me much further down the road. I started thinking about every glass. Lotta definitely helped me turn the corner where my epiphany was waiting. A big thrill was writing to her recently to ask if she’d list my blog in her blog roll. She wrote back to say yes, and to congratulate me on my sobriety. I got such a buzz from that! (Here’s her blog, though she doesn’t post as frequently as she once did.)
  3. Veronica Valli, Why You Drink And How To Stop – This was an important start in my journey because it is a ‘step by step’ guide. Veronica is terrific in laying out the whys and the wherefores  Lots of free resources at her website as well.
  4. William Porter, Alcohol Explained – A must-read during your journey. William speaks to the science of alcohol and alcoholism – but in layman’s terms. He does a great nuts and bolts review of the addictive nature of alcohol.  It’s easy to read and it’s honest – he’s been there and done that too. (Website)
  5. Jason Vale, Kick the Drink Easily – I know and follow Jason as his Juice Master persona. I picked up this book to get a dose of his enthusiasm around the topic of alcohol. Jason apparently used to worked with the legendary Allen Carr, author of the seminal The Easy Way to Stop Drinking (he’s did one for smoking as well). The book follows along Carr’s line of thought; where I found it most useful is how Jason hammered home the affect alcohol has on your health.
  6. Clare Pooley, The Sober Diaries – Here’s the book that tipped me over into starting FOR REALZ on my sober journey. Her British wit, honesty and just laying-it-out-there personality shines through. It might also have sparked me because we share the same professional background (PR), and I totally related to her having access to booze in all situations. A side effect – I started blogging.

Honorable Mention: Lucy Rocca, author of many books, including ‘The Sober Revolution’.  She coined the phrase Soberista – and launched a discussion forum in 2012. It predates the growth of communities on Facebook, and was an online oasis in a then-desert for those of us seeking community for our AF lives. I appreciate her online pioneer work. Her community offers an important place for people during the entire sobriety journey. I’ve not visited in awhile, and note they now have almost 60k worldwide members!  Go Lucy!

And an app …

I’d also like to mention how valuable I found it to use an app to keep track of the sober minutes, hours, days and now, years. Indispensable for me in the very early days.  In fact the first seven days it became a worry stone, I’d check it all the time: “Hey, 12 hours and counting’, ‘Wow, one day, 12 hours and 24 minutes sober!”, or ‘Ten hours to go to Day Seven!’ ‘ I am happy to be past that. There are many choices; I use EasyQuit Drinking Sobriety Counter – available for either Android or Apple.

I know it will be very different for you – and I’d love to hear what you’ve read that helped you along your journey.







P.S. A secret bonus track for you serious rock ‘n’ rollers out there 🙂

8 thoughts on “Quit Lit

  1. I read Meredith Bell 3 years ago and remember having a really hard time stringing together 7 days sober. Flash forward to now and I usually have a few weeks between binges but still not succeeding at long term sobriety. Thanks for these suggestions!

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