To the moon, Alice …

Day 467.

“You’re either fuelling disease or feeding health”
— Marco Borges, author Greenprint For Your Best Self & A Better World

I’m listening to podcasts. I finally get why people enjoy them so much.  You can listen anywhere, any time. It’s my personally programmed radio station.

I just finished listening to Rich Roll interview Marco Borges. Rich and Marco talk about achieving 360 degrees of health for yourself; and talk too about struggling with addiction (of all stripes) on this path to complete health inside and out.

I pulled out a couple of quotes I thought were relevant to sobriety:

“You’re either fuelling disease or feeding health” It’s true, you are making a choice with every single action in your day. Choosing to either fuel your disease – your addiction, OR feeding your health, well being and sobriety.

We imagine everyone else has had a very easy journey in their choice of sobriety: they just jumped on a Sober Rocket that went straight to the Sober Moon. The truth is, we’ve all got a journey that looks more like an EKG graph – up, down, back up – and then further up, down and a bit more up. We need to remember that we don’t have complete insight into other people’s struggles and journey. ALL of us follow a path full of ups and downs in our life.

“Can you do better just by doing something a little bit different?” Building on the above idea: It’s not about grand gestures, or impossible-to-maintain big promises to yourself or others. No, it’s about taking small steps. Aim for each step to feed your health and sobriety.




** I’m older, and with that comes old-school references. In case you don’t get the ‘To the moon, Alice’ reference – it’s from The Honeymooners, an ancient, wildly popular B&W TV series that starred the legendary Jackie Gleason.

4 thoughts on “To the moon, Alice …

  1. Interesting enough, earlier this year l saw Elton John on his Goodbye yellow brick road tour. He told a story of how it took him so many years to learn 3 words that would change his life —> I Need Help. It is indeed an interesting journey.

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  2. I needed this RIGHT NOW! Doing great with sobriety, swimming right along. Eating and exercising are a whole different story. My health (physical & mental) are suffering because of my food choices and lack of movement.

    I saw a Dr. Doyle (yup, you turned me on to him too) post recently that had a similar theme…small chunks, little increments, all adds up over time and builds habits. I keep putting those priorities off because I think it’s “all or nothing” – but really it’s about change and we can start small and I can start NOW, these choices are mine! 💜

    ps. Love the Honeymooners! 😉

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  3. You’re a regular riot, alice LOL yes, increments.. it’s so easy to get swept up in BIG grand gestures. all or nothing! the rocket vs. EKG really hit me. Yay #DAY309… staring down the back end of ONE YEAR girl!!!


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