Formula for success

Day 465.

I’m currently deep diving into a pool of great minds in the fields of substance abuse, addiction, mindfulness, healthy lifestyles, and food as medicine. With all this information swirling in my head, I began thinking about my personal formula for success in sobriety.

First, I needed to identify my formula for NON success in sobriety.

(evenings) Alcohol + Salt-Oil-Sugar food ÷ (mornings) coffee + aspirin – exercise =  diminishing health and well being

Obviously this is not a scientific formula; but it does lay out starkly why my physical and mental health were in serious decline.

To stop the free fall into the abyss that alcohol was creating in my life, I based my new formula on two very motivating thinkers. They are: Dr. Dean Ornish, a leading light in Lifestyle medicine, and author of the just-published “Undo It” (how to lose bad habits and bad health); and Dean Buettner‘s Blue Zones research (the secrets of a good life garnered from studying the world’s longest-lived and happiest cultures).

So here’s what I’ve come up with.

Eat well + move more + stress less + love more – alcohol = A life well lived

As simplistic as it seems, everything I’m reading, hearing and understanding shows that the formula IS that simple. A challenge to implement? Yes, of course! But I’m trying….

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