Memo to self: No, it’s not glamorous

Day 462.

While I think about sobriety from a mental well-being aspect, it is also pretty sobering to be reminded how BAD alcohol is for your overall health. I mean shockingly bad.

When drinking I told myself little fairy tales such as – a bottle a day wasn’t bad at all!  I focused on the Resveratrol benefits in wine — which is supposed to be good for the heart. Never mind that Resveratrol can be found in food such as red grapes with seeds. But at least I don’t smoke – I’d say!

Health experts are suggesting no more than seven units (76ml glasses) of wine a week. There are 10 units in a bottle of wine. Therefore, I was having at least 70 units of wine a week.

File under who-was-I-kidding?

So there’s that… and then there are the health-risk articles that are starting to run at an increasing frequency. This one was in the Irish Independent last week:  “One bottle of wine per week is associated with an increased absolute lifetime risk of alcohol-related cancers in women. Three bottles a week is equivalent to smoking roughly 23 cigarettes per week for women. This is due to the risk of cancer in parts of the body such as the breast, bowel, liver and oesophagus.”

Memo to self: You’ll also never look like a 1940s-glamorous film noir actress smoking and drinking in perfect back-lit black & white. It will never happen.

There really are ZERO REASONS to drink.  Z-E-R-O.

Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 06.36.04

9 thoughts on “Memo to self: No, it’s not glamorous

  1. Do you know what’s really sad? I used to hear these warnings, but I thought of myself as young and thought I’d definitely quit soon so wouldn’t have to face these health risks. Then I found out alcohol causes extreme aging, especially in the face. ARGHHH! I could see it already! I looked so much older than my sisters. That scared me worse than the cancer. Talk about misplaced priorities.

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    1. I SO relate to what you’ve said here. SO relate…. I made it issues for everyone BUT me! I never associated my higher blood pressure with my drinking! And i totally deluded myself that the ‘good’ of red wine out weighed the bad! and i had those misplaced priorities.. it was the staining effect of wine on teeth that first started getting my attention! and then the issue of gobbling bad greasy food when drinking! yes, talk about misplaced priorities!

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    2. Same here as well! Thanks for sharing all these stats. And I have to say that sometimes I’m surprised by my face in the mirror, even after just 12 days again… I feel tired but I look pretty glow-y compared to before! xoxox

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