No hiding in small towns …

Day 455.

“Well I was born in a small town”
     –John Mellencamp

In yesterday’s post I wrote about my ‘Emily Dickinson’ relief at being a ‘nobody’ vs. a celebrity who lived out their addiction in the spotlight.

I’m not from a Manhattan-type place, where you can disappear into the masses;  but I did grow up in a large sprawling suburban area in California. Once beyond the scrutiny of my parents, it was easy to fly under the radar.

Readers have reminded me in the comments that small towns or communities can be just as TMZ-like. Small towns = everyone watching. Everyone knows. Everyone judges.

“local papers in rural communities are as bad. A young lad may get arrested for peeing in the street on his first nights out drinking, and they follow the magistrates courts for years to come, looking out for repeat offenders to name and shame. Can’t tell you how many boys I went to school with had their future and opportunities taken away by the local rag thinking they were the ‘news of the world’, including one of my brothers! Small towns- that’s why I moved away” Restyling my life

“Ugg, small towns and their ability to judge people on things they did years earlier, or their family name alone! I don’t miss that at all!” Crazy Cat Lady



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