So glad TMZ doesn’t care about me …

Day 454.

A member of the public provided a short clip to the social media stratosphere yesterday of Nicolas Cage, drunk as a skunk, getting a marriage license in Las Vegas. Apparently to marry someone he had met weeks ago – probably at a bar. And they were already having bust-ups: in the clip he was drunkenly screaming ‘She is going to take all my money’ as they were standing in line to get the paperwork sorted.

It was a train wreck unfolding for all to see… and yet Nic went ahead and got married that night. And now, along with a (I’m guessing) massive hangover, he is scrambling to undo it all. And everything, I mean all of it, is unfolding in the gossip outlets.

Gratitude can be found in the oddest of moments or situations.

I’m grateful that I am not of interest to TMZ, National Enquirer, Twitter – you name it. I lived out all my drink-related, addiction problems in private. I am SO grateful for that.

It strikes me how strong addiction is;  famous, wealthy people such as Nic Cage, who has all the resources in the world at their fingertips, and yet can not get out from under addictions. Though they have the resources, they do not appear to seek 24/7 help to get sober. And they don’t seem to have friends who make sure they don’t get into public situations such as this one. Addiction is that powerful!

I feel sorry for him. And bow my head in anonymous non-famous gratitude for DAY 454 of my sobriety.

Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 06.44.54

12 thoughts on “So glad TMZ doesn’t care about me …

  1. You’re right, it must be terrible. But local papers in rural communities are as bad. A young lad may get arrested for peeing in the street on his first nights out drinking, and they follow the magistrates courts for years to come, looking out for repeat offenders to name snd shame. Can’t tell you how many boys I went to school with had their future and opportunities taken away by the local rag thinking they were the ‘news of the world’, including one of my brothers! Small towns- that’s why I moved away!

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      1. one place I haven’t lived, is a small town… and I’m from a part of the world where Hollywood isn’t too far away – so I guess that’s why i went big with celebrity-in-the-spotlight LOL

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      2. Ha ha, wish I could swap the back story!! Your music industry career is awesome! I think the ‘holier than though’ attitude of the media is appalling too, believe me. Too much judgement of people’s alcohol problems – like they should ‘control’ their drinking! Living with last night’s shame, hoping people wouldn’t hold it against me, terrified that I would do something irreversible one day when I was drinking, is not for me anymore. Imagine having it splashed over the media in the morning??! I don’t buy into the myth of ‘normal’ drinking, anymore. Only way to stay out of trouble is to not drink.

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      3. Small towns have their advantages – sense of community etc, but they also have their drawbacks… especially if you don’t “fit”. I don’t fit! LOL. It’s nice to visit occasionally, but I’d never live there again.

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  2. Addiction can take anyone in it’s grip regardless of fame or money. Yes, we are lucky to be anonymous that’s for sure. I often wonder if it’s an awareness of their always on image that is driving down drinking in the younger generation rather than any health concerns. Even in my drinking days TMZ wouldn’t have been interested in me, that’s how dull booze makes me. Mind you, sober me is only more interesting to me and no one else! LOL

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    1. :-))))) yes, i’m certainly glad that social media and always taking pictures of every second of life was not around when i was in my cra cra twenties! i feel truly sorry for young people in that regard… no hiding, and lots of shame.

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