Devil in a blue dress

Day 452.

I love to see the days of my sobriety growing. Flipping over into Year 2 has been a huge thrill. For some reason, the upcoming nice round number of #Day500 is spine tingling.

Yes I love all that.

And there are so many benefits to being sober.

Yes there are.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like a beast of burden, with a monkey on my back.

My life for the last year has been a fairly solo existence, and that has made it so much easier not to drink. But I am moving soon, and will have the space to entertain, will be near all my friends and have access to all sorts of social events.

This little devil in a blue dress beckons – my Wine Witch. She is a totally rock ‘n’ roll lady by the way. She whispers in my ear about times ahead. Opportunities to “get back to drinking”.  Telling me I’ve “done my bit”; that when I get settled into my new life I can once again have my glass(es) of wine. Summer breezes, sitting out on the patio with friends – with wine. Going to a concert – with wine. Having people over for dinner – with wine.

A challenge, with hazard lights blinking, lies ahead.

12 thoughts on “Devil in a blue dress

  1. Good foresight! You are going to need to strategize carefully…. 🙂 Holly over at Hip Sobriety never stopped closing down bars after she got sober and you might enjoy, if you don’t already know her stuff already, imbibing her “I don’t HAVE to drink” spunky attitude…

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    1. in about two months. yes, i guess we do glamorise it in our mind.. like MEGA glamorise it.. i’m thinking about listening to my favorite music sitting in the sun and enjoying life.. and drinking ice cold chablis. 😦 but i HAVE to have this … i would HATE to go back to Day 1 again. ugh.


  2. Nothing good comes from that blue dress, remember Monica Lewinsky?🧵 I know you aren’t silly enough, you’ll remember your day one, and think, “I’ll hate myself if I go back to that”. It’s harder to give up a second time, and you already know that you’ll want to give up a second time. Remember what you told me – just think about today!☕️

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    1. OMG! i was thinking rock and roll for the blue dress… not THAT time… LOL… yes, not going back to DAY ONE has played a role a number of times. it’s true… and I guess whatever it takes to NOT go backwards…. thanks for reading 🙂

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  3. Always on point! And look at these great comments too – so inspiring! For me, the worry about future situations where I think I’ll want to drink (you know, upcoming social events, holidays, etc.) is worse than actually getting through those times. Fleeting thoughts and the pull sure, but that darn worry about upcoming times…waste of my headspace. And I’ve come to learn I still enjoy those situations without the drink and wake up fresh, remembering everything, no shameful behavior to dreadfully ruminate through, no hangovers, etc etc etc….you’ve got this GF! #DAY294!

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