Stop beating yourself up …

Day 449.

Who is more hurtful — the person who wronged you once
or you, for reliving it over and over again in your head?
— Byron Katie

A mic drop moment for me…. such a waste of head space to relive something over and over again. From different angles, or to feel the sorrow and angst again – or to try and change what is.  Nothing changes.

Alcohol=gasoline. Douse the thoughts with alcohol/gasoline. Strike a match. Throw it onto the thoughts. Get outta the way.  Bonfire! A painful way to live.

What if you didn’t have those thoughts?

If you are not familiar with Byron Katie, she is worth checking out to see if her message of ‘loving what is’ resonates with you. Here’s a previous post I did on her. What if you didn’t have that thought.



12 thoughts on “Stop beating yourself up …

    1. I wonder if it would be too broad a generalization to say all problem drinkers or alcoholics are riddled with anxiety?? the round and round in the head kind of anxiety??


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