Been there, done that – have the t-shirt

Day 448.

A fascinating thing I’ve learned as my sobriety gathers steam and tots up days: how we feel in our early struggle with sobriety is a universal feeling.

I’ve had some newbies visiting the blog (thank you!) and I thought you might find it interesting, or comforting – or something  – to read posts from my first thirty days… I hope they help you know that you are doing JUST FINE!

Day 1 – Fastening my seatbelt
Day 2 – It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere
Day 3 – There’s an app for that
Day 4 – Clear, cool water
Day 5 – There be dragons! Traveling sans booze
Day 6 – Wine is not vegan. Who knew?
Day 7 – Seven days sober
Day 8 – Sir Ringo Starr … a Knight, and sober with it
Day 9 – The circle game
Day 10 – Fall down seven times, get up eight
Day 11 – Bottle banks
Day 12 – Living with anxiety
Day 18 – Of cats, dogs … and elephants!
Day 19 – Constant Craving
Day 20 – The first sip … I’ll miss that
Day 21 – Alcohol explained
Day 22 – Wherever you go, there you are
Day 23 – My new home is alcohol free
Day 24 – Quarter to three … awake again
Day 25 – If alcohol was discovered today
Day 26 – Life hasn’t turned out like I planned
Day 27 – The grind of one day at a time
Day 28 – An awful lot of coffee in Brazil
Day 29 – Sugar addiction in sobriety is a thing
Day 30 – Take a moment to feel grateful!

7 thoughts on “Been there, done that – have the t-shirt

  1. that is a really interesting idea… this far down the road now, i’ve definitely noticed that landmarks in sobriety are very similar for people.. perhaps it forks out to quite different landscapes after one year. i don’t know…


  2. Brilliant! Makes me want to sift through your blog and find out what was going on at #DAY290…yup today is #DAY290! Thank you so much for your support! 💜💜💜

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  3. So, on DrunkyDrunkGirl’s blog she is asking if newly sober blogging is still trending. I think no. It is weird how 5 years ago there were a lot of drunk females getting sober. Now there are a lot of women who used to exhibit some seriously drunken behavior writing healthy lifestyle blogs. Like after you quit falling down your stairs, you should eat kale girl!

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    1. You tellin’ me to eat Kale?? LOL… five years ago is a lifetime on the internet — maybe everyone has moved from blogging to Instagram??? I’m feeling like blogging is a little old school sometimes; but it helps me. feels like when I was a girl and kept a secret diary. 😉


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