We dip our surgical instruments in it … 

Day 445.

“In the hospital we dip our surgical instruments
into alcohol because it kills everything it touches.”

–Dr. Michael Klaper

Listening to a great series of podcasts around the topic of whole food plant based eating and lifestyle; a movement to help us get our health back – and stay healthy. Attaining and keeping an optimum healthy weight.

Creator and host of the series, Chef AJ, asked physician Dr. Klaper what he thought about alcohol in general – and in particular relating to a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Klaper’s answers were eye-opening to me – the pull quote at the top really got my attention!

“I’m not a big alcohol fan. In my opinion, alcohol is a toxin for every organ in the body. In the hospital we dip our surgical instruments into alcohol because it kills everything it touches. In our medical text books there’s an alcohol toxicity syndrome for every organ. Alcoholic cardiopathy/heart, alcoholic hepatitis/liver, alcoholic gastritis/stomach, alcoholic myopathy/muscles, alcoholic neuropathy/nerves. Any drug that causes so much toxicity can’t be good for us.

‘Oh, doctor I’ve read it lowers my cholesterol with one glass of wine, two must be even better.’

And off we go to a real toxicity. I don’t care if it lowers your cholesterol two points. People use it as a rationalization. The best way to lower your cholesterol is to stop eating the foods that raises cholesterol, and your cholesterol will take care of itself. 

Let’s talk toxicity. Alcohol ages us. It kills cells. I can’t view it as a health food in any way, shape or form. The reason the World Health Organization has now announced they’ll no longer recommend any amount of alcohol as safe is we now know that for every glass of wine a woman drinks, her risk of breast cancer goes up significantly. Prostate cancer in guys. It weakens the immune system’s ability to eat up cancer cells.

Why would you drink alcohol? I don’t care what goes with a spaghetti dinner. It’s not a health food. I urge people to reconsider their alcohol ingestion.”  

{Source: Chef AJ, The Real Truth About Weight Loss]

7 thoughts on “We dip our surgical instruments in it … 

  1. I love that grape juice has been shown to have the same beneficial effect as that one they found in red wine. Gosh, it didn’t occur to us to control for the GRAPES when looking for health benefits of fucking wine 🙂

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