Eats, shoots & leaves …

Day 437.


Okay, first the jokey bit out of the way:  I write as part of my job (that isn’t part of the joke ;-), and  I find great hilarity in punctuation jokes…

What does a panda eat? He eats shoots & leaves. Suddenly, with a comma a panda becomes deadly!  This panda eats, shoots & leaves.. He’s hungry! He’s got a gun! And now he’s gone!

How does this tie in with my sobriety, you ask?  Not a lot, just ‘shoots’ …

I so enjoy seeing the green shoots starting to pop up around me. In the garden, along the footpath – in the fields. Spring is promising its true arrival by the appearance of little green shoots everywhere. And too, the tiny green shoots of my sobriety are a delight to see. Hard earned sometimes, but at other times almost second nature to me. I enjoy that with care and nurturing  they will grow into lush green foliage.





4 thoughts on “Eats, shoots & leaves …

      1. I’m feeling pretty powerful here 🙂 Grammar Nerds have power to change things with a single comma! LOL… I’d pick a cruise first, and then take an afternoon to overthrow a government … :-)))))))) then back to the desert island.


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