Dreaming of drinking? WTF? …

Day 433.

I woke up this morning recalling last night’s dream in which I drank. Bit sketchy, but I seem to have eaten a dish with alcohol in it, something like ceviche. So the alcohol wouldn’t have been cooked out. Anyway, I remember thinking oops…

I also recall thinking in this dream;  can I still legitimately say I am at “Day 433” now that I’ve had a bit of alcohol? And I recall my brain and my woke self in a bit of an honesty tussle!!! In my dream!!!! Even in my dream I was reluctant to miss out on the upcoming Day 500!!

I immediately went to Dr. Google to see what this all meant.

In the wonderful Mrs. D’s Living Sober blog Lotta talks about drinking dreams – they bother her and she uses them to remind herself how awful it was when she was boozing. Sober Senorita researched opinions amongst the professionals and concluded: “drunk dreams warn of relapse and that you need to get to a meeting or ask for help if you’re having them.” Senorita herself thinks drink dreams are just part of the healing process.

Screenshot 2019-03-09 at 10.16.18I gather dreams about drinking are very common for former drinkers. I haven’t been feeling any terrible urges lately. I think it was nothing more than something in my day piqued my subconscious’s interest. I was reading the latest ad for my local store highlighting a new line of ice cream in alcohol flavors: Mojito, Gin and Tonic and Prosecco.

My first reaction was yuck. Sounds awful. Then I wondered are these products full of alcohol – or does freezing remove the alcohol? And then I remembered that people keep vodka in the freezer – and that sure as heck doesn’t remove the alcohol!

It was all idle thoughts. I am not even interested in trying them. But my dream played around with the idea of the impact of ruining my perfect record of 344 days of sobriety! Not going to happen! Goin’ stay sober.



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