What’s the point?

Day 421.

This article in the UK’s Daily Mail: Nutritionist reveals what alcohol REALLY does to your stomach, brain and liver – and reveals her tricks to help your body repair after a heavy night

There’s a whole breakdown of the terrible things alcohol does to:

  • Your liver
  • Your mind
  • Your sleep
  • Your stomach

But then the nutritionist turns around to tell you the quick fixes for “repairing our bodies” from drinking!

And I ask myself. Seriously, if alcohol is doing such terrible things to us – why are we persisting in drinking this poison? Why? It makes no sense at all, does it? 



4 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. Right?!? Just another big reminder that the pros of sobriety far outweigh the cons. Do I miss drinking? You betcha! Do I feel so much better without it (ups, downs, triggers and all)…ABSOLUTELY! #DAY265! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙌

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  2. Loved the ‘Hangover’ photo. We recently visited ‘The Sky Bar’ in Thailand, where part of Hangover III was filmed. (Before I made my most recent effort to stop drinking alcohol!) You’d have to be loaded to afford a hangover like theirs; when we paid the bill,we realised that the drinks cost the equivalent of £25 GBP per drink, even for my sons mocktails! Yeah – what’s the point?

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