Don’t give up that for this …

Day 416.

I’m going through some difficult times at the moment, and am very stressed.

I had a mini revelation today.

I realized that when I feel stressed (‘this’) the first thing I do is throw out all the good ‘thats’  …

Like, that gym visit.  I am feeling uninspired and let it slip a bit. I should be using the gym as my joy, as my stress-buster.

Like, that bad eating. Good eating goes out the window and becomes bad eating; sugar, fried, anything. As if ‘that’ bad food will remove ‘this’ stress.

It is not a balancing act of one in and one out.

All my new ‘thats’ should be kept firmly in place to deal with ‘this’ stress.


5 thoughts on “Don’t give up that for this …

  1. And maybe consider some others, neither “good” or “bad”.
    If you are tired and the gym seems too much,how about a massage? A yin yoga class? A walk?
    if you want to snack how about dinner and then dessert? Cheese and crackers for a meal, etc.

    Finding that middle ground of soothing can be very helpful.

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    1. hi!!! thanks for that and this and that and this… hahaha I was getting wrapped up in them… yes, good point, doesn’t have to be all discipline related… was just trying to relate that i let the good habits i’m developing go out the window at the drop of a stress. was just interesting to me.


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