New habits …

Day 410.

It occurred to me today I focus so much on my bad habits. I should be looking instead at creating fresh new habits.

So instead of thinking of not drinking at dinner with my friends – saying to myself over and over again “gotta break that old habit” – but also saying to myself ‘I’ll miss it so darn much, this is awful’.

No, instead, I’m going to think about being fully present at dinners with my friends by not dulling my senses with wine. This, I tell myself, is part of forming my new habit of mindfulness. Being in the moment.

I wrote about the topic of habits back at Day 102 … but my perspective has changed a little. I talked then of my bad habits, and digging deep down into myself to get in touch with some good habits I used to have.

Today at Day 410, I’m taking a different view. It’s all about developing brand new habits. It’s all part of the new me, part of the new way I approach my life.





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