Please remember me …

Day 409.

“When All Our Tears Have Reached the Sea
A Part Of You Will Live In Me
Way Down Inside My Heart
The Days Keep Comin’ Without Fail
A New Wind Gonna Find Your Sail
And That’s Where Your Journey Starts
You’ll Find Better Love
Strong As It Ever Was
Deep As A River Runs
Warm As A Morning Sun
Please Remember Me”

-Rodney Crowell

What does making peace with the past look like?

I don’t know, but I do know what it sounds like; it’s always been music that helps me make sense of everything .. and put shape and form to what I’m feeling.

And what a beautiful feeling it is, to know that you are beginning to make peace with the past. When you can listen peacefully to music that weaves around once difficult thoughts and emotions – instead letting them flow through you.

Feeling what were once fleeting moments of peace and closure become stronger and last longer. To the point where you can listen to the song all the way through without reliving the trauma. Even tentatively wishing happiness and wellness to the other.

Mostly focusing on yourself though, and pushing off from the shore once again – moving gently along the current of your journey…..

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