Breathe in. Breathe out.

Day 403.

Negative thoughts and emotions — most often scenes from the past —  sometimes overwhelm me. I feel like I’m being held hostage by my own mind.

A very wise friend of mine gave me a tip, and it helps so very much to snap me out of my negative reverie.

When caught in negative thinking, or dwelling on past negative events, this is what I now do:

Breathe in – and say “This is Now”

Breathe out – and say “This is me”

It mindfully jolts me out of the past moment I am in, and instead brings me peacefully into this moment. Right here, right now.  And right here and right now are a very good place to be. It feels peaceful.

**** I took the picture above myself when I was in Thailand last year. I was enchanted by the statues of these young monks outside a beautiful temple.. I had traveled to the country specifically to visit Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. Its in the northern part of Thailand. The park is a sanctuary for abused elephants; most are injured mentally and physically from years of abuse in logging camps, giving rides to tourists, used on the streets as a begging tool and in circuses. Each of the elephants used for these purposes have gone through a process that breaks their spirit, and makes them a slave. Perception and treatment of these beautiful beings is slowly changing. The Park is such a beautiful place to visit, and the people who run it work tirelessly to bring change throughout Thailand in the treatment of these quite noble creatures.




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