No hangovers is kind of a big deal!

Day 402.

I need to stop here a minute and acknowledge that I have not had a hangover for four hundred and two days.


When reading other people’s blog posts it’s always one of the big “things I’m thankful for” when talking about sobriety.

And it is an incredibly big deal!  I need to stop and appreciate this fact.

It’s easy to take for granted.

So I take a moment now to say that I will #NeverForgetHangovers

I must never take for granted the fact that when I had hangovers:

  • How little got done – just spent the time recovering, and being a low grade version of me
  • How anxiety-inducing hangovers are – and heighten my worrywart tendencies!
  • How I poisoned my body further with aspirin and such to try and subdue the effects of a hangover
  • I ate calorie-laden greasy foods to try to soak up the alcohol in my body (doesn’t work – you just get fat)
  • Buckets of coffee – not good for the nervous system
  • Faking my way through business meetings
  • Addled thinking processes
  • Crawling through the day just dreaming of my bed
  • Kidding myself with ‘These hangovers are awful. That’s it, I’m never going to drink again.”

5 thoughts on “No hangovers is kind of a big deal!

  1. Speaking.My.Language! You are on a great roll – I love your blog and the community here. So great to see new fans commenting and familiar favorites too of course. The niggles, the crying game, the hangovers…yup, yup, yup! So glad to have found you and this water tight clan. Relevant, powerful, comforting. Thank you!! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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