The Crying Game

Day 401.

“I know all there is to know
About the crying game
I’ve had my share
Of the crying game”

Sometimes I feel like I have felt everything there is to feel. I know all about the crying game – that’s for sure. I have cried me a river – that’s for sure.

Allowing myself to revisit those specific feelings. Sober. Remembering how wine facilitated a good sob session too. Drowning in tears and sorrow. Recovering from narcissistic abuse. Remembering acutely the sad and awful parts of that relationship; the one that shipwrecked, and is now laying at the bottom of the sea.

Not for very long though, this crying game – need to embrace a bright and shiny future without tears …

Boy George

Dave Barry (the original version)

Artwork: The tears of a clown | by id-iom

3 thoughts on “The Crying Game

  1. I’m in the midst of understanding my own narcissistic relationship. Many tears have been she over the betrayal. I hate that I feel like a crazy, paranoid person some days. I want me back. I know I will find me again.

    Hug. Life is complicated.

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    1. Oh I am right there beside you! I have so been there … and big hugs to you … It’s a journey. and those telling phrases ‘i feel like a crazy paranoid person’ and ‘i want me back’ are hallmarks of that type of relationship 😦 and the abuse. You may already be familiar with her, but I found this lady to be a super presence and support during the early days of discovery of what narcissism is … and how to move on from it (most importantly)


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