When Dry January morphs into Dry Life

Day 396.

I want to share a fantastic article from today’s Irish Independent.

Writer Kate Gunn speaks so eloquently about the impact of extending her sobriety from 30 days to 90 days, and onwards. She’s now two years sober and counting.

I loved reading about her journey – and related to it …

The whole article is worth reading; but I pulled out a few things here that made me say YEEESSSSSS!

Dry January is just one month and “allows you to hide away from social occasions, hibernate from the night world for a while. The longer time-frame of 90 days forces you out into social scenes. Birthday parties, weddings, gigs and family dinners all need to be ticked off the list. This is where the greatest challenge – and the greatest benefits – are to be found. Surprisingly, you do find out who you are. With no alcohol to hide behind, no loosener to get things flowing, you find your own confidence. You discover you don’t actually need drink in order to talk to your friends. You talk, listen, laugh and enjoy the night, and when you are ready to leave, your car is very handily waiting just outside in the car park. You’ve had the best part of the night – and you get to revel in the next day, hangover-free and full of energy. It’s the unexpected gift that keeps on giving.”


“With this revelation, I began to wonder what other myths we had been sold. I questioned what our other motives for drinking are, and whether, like social confidence, the truth was different to what I had believed for all of those years.”


“So one by one, the myths dissolved, the issues left, and the positive aspects kept multiplying. ……… Alcohol had been holding me back without my even realising it.”



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