Regrets, I’ve had a few …..

Day 390.

“Regrets, I’ve had a few
But then again, too few to mention ..”
— My Way

Frank Sinatra does a somber, melancholic version of this song; from the view of someone looking back on their life. Taking measure of it. Written by Paul Anka, and covered by many, for my money it’s Frank who owns and lives it.

When I listen, I think about the power of doing it ‘your way’. What would that feel like to have few regrets – not really any to mention?

That line always stops me in my tracks.

Regrets. Yes, I myself have many. Maybe half a million.

But maybe the point is to NOT regret your choices. To accept them, and move on.  Those choices were doing it your way…. made based on that moment in time.  In that view there is peace to be found. And to be able to say, well, there are a few I truly regret — but all of them I accept, and rise up and beyond.

Treating the regrets as ‘too few to mention.’ How powerful. How much of my wine-sipping time did I waste treading and retreading over the same ground-glass floor of regrets. And I realize “what ifs” are regrets as well. What if I had, or if I had not …. trying to change the reality of what did happen. What choice I did make. Somehow thinking that wine would help me make sense of it, make peace with it all.

It was time that would have been better spent moving on, and taking control of my life, and doing it my way going forward.

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