That’s 3,817.5 glasses I didn’t drink

Day 381.

img_20190116_182016So the app I use tells me as of today I have avoided drinking 3,817.5 glasses of wine! This is based on drinking habit data I entered when I signed up for the app.

If that number doesn’t drive home to me how much I used to drink … well… it DOES definitely drive it home… I am now sober, saving money – and staying healthy. It makes me feel quite proud of myself. Go Me!!! Nice boost after a strong bit of craving I’ve been going through lately.

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 18.07.49Sobriety Counter is what I use. Here’s the android version – I think this is the Mac version. It’s super easy to use. I paid $3 to get the no-ad version – and to support the creator, Mario Hanna.

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