Very interesting …. but stupid!

Day 378.

Gather ’round all my younger readers – and also those who are of my vintage – as I share some silliness from a fairly revolutionary comedy series from the late sixties:  Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.

One of the cast, Arte Johnson, played the ridiculous Wolfgang, a german soldier who would raise his head above a parapet after some preceding act, take a cigar out of his mouth, deliver the line “Verrrry interesting … but stupid!” grinning from ear to ear.

What? Where the heck am I going with this?

I am experiencing pretty serious drinking desires at the moment – and it makes me want to go light hearted. You know, “when they go low – we go high”!!!

I’m in my second year of sobriety. Early into it, but definitely in it. And I thought it would be easy peasy. You know, been there, done that. What else could I possibly experience for the first time AFTER A YEAR???

Guess what? Lots!

I didn’t socialise a whole lot in 2018. But that is about to change….

I am moving back to where I used to live. Where many friends who I haven’t seen in awhile live. I am so looking forward to getting my old social mojo back.

BUT… well, I used to drink with all these people. Not insane stuff, but drinking was part of the socializing. So suddenly here I am missing drinking because of these memories, and feeling grief even as I anticipate getting together with these lovely people again.

And for some reason I thought of Arte’s silly character.

It is “verrrrrry interesting” to think about this, and feel these things. But it’s “stupid” to worry about them! I let them flow through me. I think – hey, I’m bigger than this, I can get past it. I’ll just get together with friends and leave behind the thoughts of ‘oh no I’m not going to be able to drink!”

Instead I’m going to think Oh Boy!  A social life again!  How wonderful!

Yes, it is sunny optimism.. but I find adopting that attitude actually works really well in the face of grieving and missing that drinking part of socializing. It does!


4 thoughts on “Very interesting …. but stupid!

  1. I think what you are experiencing is quite normal after getting through a year of not drinking and it is a danger zone for many people. I think it’s like one year was the goal and then once passed its a bit of an anticlimax. Enjoy socialising with your old friends but be extra alert to cravings and desires and go home if you are feeling in trouble.

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