Red, red wine

Day 353.

Just another boozy song dedicated to red wine.  (Love the Neil Diamond version best.)

“Red, red wine .. go to my head …. make me forget” … and boy did I depend on wine to do that  … for too long … thank goodness I made the decision to STOP.

I was grocery shopping today, and went down the alcohol aisle to pick up a bottle of 0% non-alchol red wine for Christmas day. I felt not a single twinge as I walked down the aisle. No bottles sang to me – nothing “fell” into my shopping cart. Great feeling!

BUT what was truly scary was the AMOUNT of booze stacked up to the ceiling, and spilling out into the aisles in anticipation of people stocking up for the holidays. It was hard getting around the stacks upon stacks. Do people really drink that much over the holiday? Crates of beer, boxes of wine ..



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