Dwelling in impossibilities

Day 332.

“I dwell in Possibility –
A fairer House than Prose –
More numerous of Windows –
Superior – for Doors”  …
Emily Dickinson

I’ve mentioned before how my much-loved High School english teacher Mr. Kaufman ignited the flame in me for seeking knowledge and trying to make sense of life, and also strive to live life to its fullest through reading, listening and travelling.

As the fog continues to lift from my brain, and the clarity that sobriety brings increases every day, I find I am starting to dream again.

I think of the magnificent Emily Dickinson’s line about “dwelling in possibility”, imagining what I want my life to be going forward. This is how I felt in my younger days, and I want to feel that excitement again.

Another way to look at this is me striving to dwell in impossibilities.

Believing the impossible is possible. I know for me, having chosen sobriety – which I thought was impossible, I am attaining the ‘impossible’.

If you are interested in things such as spirituality, finding meaning in life, and choosing to be mindful and aware, I highly recommend Carolyn Myss.

Believing in Six Impossible Things Per Day


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