My park bench was the spare room

Day 323.

You know that feeling when you read something and go OMG! That is totally true! That is so me!! That is the best way of describing it!!

Yep. That’s how I felt reading this article: My park bench was my sofa from Louise’s blog, A hangover free life. Louise is a former nurse who saw the devastating effects of liver disease from alcoholism first-hand; and eventually realized she was in the grip of addiction and needed to quit. And had, and comes at sobriety from the health aspects. (Which are pretty sobering in themselves!)

I’m going to quote directly from her blog, as it sums up everything in a sentence or two of what the park bench reference is about: “The genius insight of the park bench sofa (see left!) came from a piece in The Telegraph back in September written by Bryony Gordon who wrote: ‘I only ever went on the lash in my own house – as my counsellor later said, my park bench was my sofa, as it was with so many’.   Such a powerful but simple redefinition of how we perceive problem drinking.”

Wow!!! I think about how I used the spare room in that house as my place to go and quietly drink my head off. Perhaps listening to music, mostly despairing of my situation – and probably a bit to keep my consumption levels under the radar. I also could hide my bottles, to dispose of when I was alone in the house.

You just don’t need to hit bottom and sit on a park bench with all your belongings in a shopping cart to understand and admit you have a drinking problem!!!


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