45 days remain ….

I’m usually noting the days sober…

today I was thinking, hey – I only have FORTY FIVE DAYS LEFT until my first 365 Days Sober!!!! The name of my blog!! I remember when I hit 45 days SOBER, and it felt monumental.

Now I’m wondering, what will I do?

Oh, I’m not going to pick up a wine glass, oh no… nothin’ like that … BUT it all feels a bit anti-climatic here on my blog, because I remember so distinctly when I created this blog … documenting my little tiny buds of sobriety. Feeling so raw and new to all this.

Am I an old hand now??

Now what??????

Wrap up my blog because it’ll be past 365 days?
Rename it?
Keep going?

Will be mulling that one over ..


9 thoughts on “45 days remain ….

  1. I wrote about this issue when I was on day 65 or so since my original goal was 100. And now as I’m approaching a year I’m wondering again too about the blog. So far I’m learning toward continuing, but maybe with a facelift of some sort.

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  2. I think year 2 has many different issues. And others will be following your journey.
    Giving back to the newcomer is an important factor.
    I still blog, although I have never been super regular. I celebrate 5 years soon.

    Life always has something to share. Keep writing!

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